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Bulgaria Sofia Mobile
Best Talk new rates! 5% USA (Local*) $0.00 4.2¢ 4.2¢ 13.5¢ 1.99¢ no! N/A 1 min never! yes! yes! soon!
USA (Toll-Free) $0.00 5.2¢ 5.2¢ 14.5¢
Canada (Local*) $0.00 4.2¢ 4.2¢ 13.5¢
Canada (Toll-Free) $0.00 6.1¢ 6.1¢ 15.4¢
1   The maximum discount of the current special. If the card is rechargeable and the recharges have the highest discount, then the recharge rates will be listed. Example: In case of 5% off the $20 card and 10% off the $50 special, the maximum discount will be listed as 10%.
2   48 (states) means all continental states.
3   The periodic (maintainance) fees are deducted from your phone card balance (if any) after the end of the grace period, which starts right after your first phone call from that phone card.
4   Billing increment (call rounding).
5   Days after first use.
6   If a phone card has ANI service, you can provide us with a list of phone numbers and when you use the it from these number, you won't need to use a PIN.
7   If a card is marked as rechargeable, you'll have the option to recharge to an existing PIN, instead of a new one.
*   Those phone cards have local access phone number only in the states indicated, but if you'll be calling Bulgaria from your cell phone and you have a plan with Free Long Distance option, you could take advantage of those low rates also, even if you live in another state.

Buy/Recharge Online Buy/Recharge Online

IMPORTANT! Terms of Service: (1) Order limits: (a) Minimums: $10 per order, $20 per recharge, no minimums for first-time customers; (b) Maximums: new customers - $20 per order; existing customers - $100 daily, $200 weekly, and $400 monthly. (2) For verification purposes, Webgineers requires new customers to send an email with their full name, home, cellular, and work phone numbers with extension, if any. (3) New customers' orders will be processed only after a successful phone verification or canceled and refunded after 5 business days. Webgineers performs phone verifications within up to 2 business days from the receiving of customers' contact phone information email. (4) Orders placed afterhours, during weekends or official holidays may be processed the next business day. (5) Back orders can be processed within up to 3 business days. (6) Phone cards expire ninety days after the first use, unless other specified. (7) Due to their highly unreliable service (mostly treating our emails as spam), we can't guarantee email PIN delivery to the following email providers:,,,,,, We recommend to customers providing an alternative (backup) email address, by sending un email to us! We highly recommend Yahoo! Mail - it's the most sofisticated, fast, and reliable service and it's completely free! (8) PINs are delivered by email within 48 hours of purchase, usually in few minutes, after your payment clears. If you don't get your PINs within 48 hours, please contact us ASAP, so we can re-deliver the PINs to you! (9) Disclaimer: ALL SALES ARE FINAL! No returns, refunds, or exchanges! Webginees has no control over the rates, fees, and quality of the products and services rendered and does not provide guarantees and warranties of any kind. By placing an order with Webgineers, you indicate that you have read and accept Webgineers' policies and hereby agree to use the products and services rendered at your sole risk and that Webgineers will not be held responsible for any losses or damages. All rates are based on single-call use and are for informative purposes only, based to the best of our knowledge. Prices, rates, and fees are subject to change without notice. Fees, other surcharges and/or local or regional phone company charges may apply. Calls made from payphones may be subject to additional charges including an FCC mandated surcharge. Actual talk time and rates may be affected by rounding, fees, taxes, and expiration, if applicable. Webgineers reserves the right to refuse service and limit sale quantities of all products. Rates to international cellular phones and other special services may fluctuate with time and if not explicitly indicated, may be significantly higher than the base rates. Webgineers is not responsible for any typographical errors. Webgineers will not be liable or responsible to reimburse for loss of minutes or loss of value in prepaid phone cards if the telecommunications carrier or distributor of the prepaid phone card declares bankruptcy. By submitting a payment to Webgineers, you hereby agree to not dispute charges and reverse payments without a 10 business days written notice, otherwise you'll be liable for all direct and indirect losses and damages of Webgineers.

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